Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Housewife, Fake Nose

We nominate Ashley Holmes, of the NJ Housewife Clan, for a new reality TV show we have yet to produce, "Hollywood's Hottest Looks". As indicated by her Facebook photo above, she has had a rhinoplasty. As we are world renowned facial plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasties, we believe this is a good opportunity to discuss "Rhinoplasty Rationale". First, people can elect to have this procedure for a couple different reasons. Besides the obvious cosmetic reasons, oftentimes rhinoplasties are used to repair a deviated septum, which can cause irregular breathing and disrupt sleep. Breathing problems and other physical ailments can be fixed without changing the exterior of the nose at all, however, many people choose to balance their facial proportions and enhance their natural look by reshaping the exterior of the nose. Thus concludes our unnamed reality television installment of Hollywood’s Hottest Looks. If we can answer any additional questions for you, please contact our office at (310) 278-8823, or email us at:

Arggh! Johnny Depp Be Back as Jack Sparrow, Mateys!

Happy Day! Jerry Mega-Bruckheimer just tweeted a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow, otherwise known as Johnny Depp, from the Pirates of the Caribbean set! Also a HHL-award winning Best Cheeks, Capin’ Sparrow’s mug is the perfect example of masculine definition and chiseled contour. Remember, dead men tell no tales, and hot men chase them. Just sayin’.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Angelina Sprinkles Her Awesome Dust at Comic Con

The nerds at Comic Con this year definitely had something to squeal about this year, when Angelina Jolie appeared to promote her new movie “Salt”. Angelina, voted 2010’s Best Everything/Lips described doing her own stunts for the movie, and why she loved the character for her “offness”. Our patients love Angie’s lips because they are full, voluminous, yet natural-looking. While we can’t perfectly replicate a celebrity’s lips, we can make sure that yours are as plump and youthful looking as possible. Ask us about SurgiSil, our newest lip enhancement procedure.

Leo Makes Us Laugh and Laugh in Rolling Stone

Leonardo DiCaprio covers Rolling Stone’s August issue. He’s handsome, it makes us happy, blah blah blah. But that’s not the best part. The best part is when he says that he’s had a harder time meeting women since Titanic (don’t let the steady stream of supermodel girlfriends fool you). Our response?
Oh Leo, you card. That’s the funniest thing we read all week. But Leo isn’t known for just being hilarious. He was voted Best Cheeks for 2010, which is coincidental because ours are still hurting from the epic chuckle. If you’re looking to rejuvenate and improve your facial contour, you may want to look into Malarplasty, or cheek implants. Prominent cheek bones are generally considered ideal and accentuate the eyes. Pick up your Rolling Stone’s August issue today!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drew Barrymore in Elle

Drew Barrymore covers Elle this month, where she says, wait for it, that if she decides she needs plastic surgery in the future, she’ll do it! Oh, it is so exciting when a celebrity doesn’t run screaming from plastic surgery allegations. We’re here to tell you, as Hollywood’s go-to surgeons, the truth is that most celebrities in Hollywood have had something done. Drew, our girl for Best Nose, definitely knows what’s up. Heh. Please forgive the pun. Rhinoplasties number among our most popular procedures. If you’re looking for a Drew-worthy nose, you nose where to go. Again, sorry.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carrie Underwood, Emily Blunt Wed (Not to each other.)

It’s apparently wedding season for our HHL favs. Carrie Underwood, 2009’s Best Jawline, just married NHL fiance Mike Fisher this weekend, and Emily Blunt stole *I mean* married John Krasinski in Italy. Naturally. Because having John Krasinski as a groom just wasn’t nice enough, you of course have to get married next to GEORGE CLOONEY’S ITALIAN VILLA! (Can you tell we have major fans of The Office at HHL headquarters?) If you’re looking to treat yourself to a pre-wedding makeover, consider gentle yet effective skin treatments like the ViPeel or our famous Herbal Green Peel.


Oh, glorious Emmy season. A time when we avid television watchers can celebrate the magic with our Technicolor pals, hem and haw over those who were snubbed, and ogle what the beautiful people wear to glamorous events. In Gleeful news, 2010’s Best Hair Lea Michele grabbed a nom for Best Actress in a Comedy. Other HHL alums Rose Byrne and January Jones also are nominated, meaning… It’s on. We just don’t know who to root for. Best Hair? Best Cheeks? Best Nose? We’re personally leaning more towards Rose Best Nose, because we just saw Get Him to the Greek and our sides are still aching with the naughty hilarity. Anyoldhow, despite the “pie in the sky” (yet charming) naivety of our HHL writers, glamour is our thing! We are the go-to surgeons in Hollywood for our natural and subtle results. Don’t even try to guess who our patients are, because you won’t. If you’re looking for cosmetic work so subtle your own mother won’t even notice, come and see us for a consultation. Good luck, Emmy ladies!