Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michelle Williams in Vogue

Michelle Williams, another of 2009’s favorite noses, graces the cover of Vogue’s October issue where she speaks on life, love and loss. Michelle has always been a BHI favorite, and her features have continued to attract our patients. A Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and intricate surgical procedures to perform, so we think our layered and multi-faceted Michelle is a perfect addition to our Hottest Nose list.

Hollywood’s Hottest Mommies

Katherine Hiegl, 2009’s Best Nose, and her rock-star hubby Josh Kelley have just adopted a baby girl from Korea! The couple will call her “Naleigh” after Katherine’s mother Nancy, and sister Leigh. Katherine “Izzie Stevens” Hiegl isn’t the only HHL- winning new mommy- Grey’s costar Ellen Pompeo, 2008’s Best Eyes, is 9 months pregnant with her first baby, too! A big congratulations from all of us here at BHI! We know that even super-mommies like these can aren’t immune to parent fatigue. If you’re getting dark, baggy undereyes with your bundle of joy, ask us about our options. Eye lid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, is a perfect way to add vigor and vitality back to the face. At the very least, it’s a way to get some needed zzz’s on the operating table.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tyra Goes Natural? We Can’t BeWeave It!

We’ve known for a while that Tyra Banks, this year’s Hottest Jawline, is guest starring on the CW's "Gossip Girl" this fall as a high profile actress. What we didn’t know is…prepare yourself… Tyra plans to go natural for her next season of the "Tyra Banks Show" and take out her weave! She hopes this will help build confidence in other women and encourage them to show off their natural beauty. As experts in surgical hair restoration, we have seen firsthand the dramatic effect hair (or the lack thereof) can have on a patient’s life, regardless of whether they are male or female. Our Hairline Lowering and Fleming/Mayer Flap procedures bring the proportions of the face and hairline into balance, and are completely unique to BHI. While surgery isn’t always considered to be the natural alternative, our procedures yield completely natural-looking results. Visit our photo galleries of satisfied customers to see for yourself!

Hollywood’s Hottest Noses Unite!

Katherine Hiegl and Josh Duhamel, 2009’s Hottest Noses, will be joining forces in the new romantic film, “Life As We Know It,” or, as we like to call it, “Life As We Nose It”!Katherine will be taking a break from her hit show, “Grey’s Anatomy” to work on the project alongside Duhamel, much to the dismay of Izzie fans worldwide. Nose surgery, or Rhinoplasty, tops our patients’ most desired list every year, and is what we do best. When it comes to noses, we definitely “nose” best!

George Clooney in Venice!

George Clooney graced the Venice Film Festival on Monday for the premiere of his new movie, "The Men Who Stare At Goats." He not only got to show off his enviable and HHL-winning jawline, but also his beautiful date, Elisabetta Canalis. After staring at goats all day for weeks, we’re sure this new lady love comes as a welcome change. If you’re looking to make a change to boost your physical appearance, call and ask about our world-famous facial surgeries. Not everyone can look like our classy Clooney, but we contour each face specifically to one’s ideal bone structure, so you can march to the bleat of your own drummer.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hollywood's Hottest going to Japan!

To the x-citement of Hugh Jackman and X-Men fans everywhere, Variety Magazine reports that there’s yet another sequel in the works! The new film will take Wolverine and the gang to Japan. The adventurous story line is based on the classic comic books, "Uncanny X-Men" and "Wolverine". Sorry to break it to you, Japan, but we’ve already claimed Hugh, 2009’s Hollwood’s Hottest Body, all to ourselves. His powerful physique has continued to be an inspiration for our male patients over the years. Fellas, ask us how our various body contouring procedures can all bring out your inner Wolverine. Get x-cited about that!

Charlize Theron in Vogue!

We all admired Charlize Theron's hair in 2006, but this year it looks like we'll be admiring her body, as well! In the September issue of Vogue Magazine, Charlize reveals she will be completely nude in the opening scene in her new movie "The Burning Plain", a drama about a mother and daughter who try to form a bond after dealing with a difficult past. If you’re burning for a new bod like Charlize’s, ask us about our body contouring procedures. Liposuction is a perfect way to rid yourself of those pesky fat deposits in the thighs, abdomen, even knees and ankles. We can also perform facial liposuction in conjunction with other procedures to achieve superior results. After seeing us, there’ll be nothing plain about your appearance!