Tuesday, December 11, 2007

“KNOT” For Us!

Ever since last Monday, when we first saw these images of Joan Van Ark we have been debating whether we should post them or not but ultimately we felt it was part of our Hippocratic Oath to comment. Joan, from "Knots Landing" fame, recently revealed her new face on December 1. Typically we applaud and respect a woman’s right to feel good and stave off the aging process, but in this case less is more. We loved her from minute she appeared on “Dallas” to her days on “Knots Landing,” she was definitely one of Hollywood’s Hottest Looks in the 80’s.

She attempted to soften the redness from some type of chemical peel or laser resurfacing with make up but instead emphasized it more by heavy make-up which exacerbated her painted on eye makeup and (in our opinion) highly-plumped lips. We think it is pretty ironic that Van Ark has recently filmed a guest appearance on the plastic surgery based drama FX series, "Nip/Tuck.” Love you Joan! We are here for you if you ever want to discuss how to regain your Hollywood’s Hottest Looks!

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