Monday, February 25, 2008

Take It Easy On Demi!

Wow, we thought the tabloids were tough here in LA but poor Demi got burned by the Daily Mail in the UK.

“Without the cover of make-up, Demi's skin looked dull and tired, with her drooping jowls only adding to her haggard look.

Careful styling can hide a multitude of sins and she made a dramatic turnaround just days later, stepping out at a pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles looking glamorous and polished.”

We don’t think that she looks haggard and at BHI we say it never hurts to have some refresher treatments! We know people think facelifts sound pretty dramatic but “Facelift” is actually a very broad term that can offer a wide range of different procedures that are performed to rejuvenate the face and the neck. It all depends on the individual patient. And if, for example, you have “dull and tired” skin, BHI’s skin treatments are known to restore vitality! Our most popular treatments for skin “freshening” or resurfacing are “Macro”dermabrasion (not Microdermabrasion) and the Herbal Geen Peel. Marcrodermabrasion is very popular with our clientele, as there is no down time involved. Let us know if you need anything Demi, we are here for you!


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