Friday, July 18, 2008

Marie Claire UK Talks To Madonna’s Brother

On UK Marie Claire website, a recent interview with Christopher Ciccone, Madonna’s brother, claimed to the magazine that the singer went under the knife to maintain her line-free face.

“When asked whether Ciccone still recognised Madonna from the girl he grew up with, he replied: 'Not after the facelift.'”

Of course bloggers had to add their two cents or as they say in the UK, two pence…haha! This is one bloggers comments that we can't help but agree with:

“I'm not shocked that Maz has had a face lift but I am a little disappointed. Then again the woman is 50. I don't think anybody in the public eye has gone untouched, I just wish they'd admit it. There is enough pressure on ordinary women as it is without having to live up to unrealistic examples of beauty. Celebrities have surgery, personal trainers, live-in chefs, diet gurus and airbrushing to maintain their looks, ordinary women have a lot to live up to, if more celebrities were honest maybe less women would have so many hangups and maybe more men would appreciate that beauty to be found on tv or within the pages of a magazine is not even skin deep.”Comment by meziem on July 16 22:51
We hope Madonna will feel comfortable enough to come clean about her beauty treatments but until then depend on BHI to give you the inside scoop on what makes Hollywood’s Hottest Looks HOT!

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