Thursday, December 10, 2009

Johnny- Sexiest Man Alive! Again!

People Magazine has just named Johnny Depp, aka 2009’s Hottest Cheeks, Sexiest Man Alive. Johnny replaces other HHL favorite Hugh Jackman, who took the title last year. Congratulations, Johnny! (Pirates of the Caribbean joke on the horizon…) We arrgh so proud you! It’s no surprise to us- despite his chameleon-like transformation from movie to movie, his mystery and allure has remained constant over the years. If you’re looking for defined cheeks to enhance your smile or add facial “deppth” (heh) and dimension, ask us about cheek implants, or Malarplasty. We would love to ask Johnny about it ourselves, but he’s probably too busy being the Sexiest Man Alive. The cheek of him.

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