Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jude Upholds the Law in "Sherlock Holmes"

Jude Law, winner of Hollywood’s Hottest Looks past for Best Nose, will be in the new Guy Ritchie film “Sherlock Holmes” opening Christmas Day. Law will be the Watson to Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes. According to our five minutes of hard research, they will be investigating a mystery that is a “threat to all England.” Hopefully they solve it. Here at BHI, we know a little something about dynamic duos working together. In fact, like Watson and Holmes, we’re the best at what we do. If you’re looking for a Jude-worthy nose, come and see us about a Rhinoplasty, one of the most complex surgical procedures. Not elementary, my dear Watson.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blake Lively Lovely on SNL

Our girl Blake Lively and her 2009 HHL-winning, golden, flowing locks hosted Saturday Night Live December 5th, and she shocked audiences all over the world with her acting capabilities. Meaning she had some. Zing! (Sorry. We’re just so jealous of her hair.) In one of her more memorable skits of the evening, she played Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’s scary, scorned wife. While our patients have known that Blake and her hair were the next big things in Hollywood for a while, we’re glad the rest of the world is catching on. If you’re interested in beautifying your locks a la Miss Lively, we offer many surgical hair restoration options that are completely unique to our practice!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rachel's Lovely Bones

Rachel Weisz, winner of 2009’s Best Jawline/Chin graces the December issue of Redbook where she talks about motherhood, Hollywood, and her new movie, “The Lovely Bones.” She plays Abigail, a mother trying to cope with the loss of her daughter Suzie. Rachel, you’re so beautiful. With your perfect bone structure, you have a face so powerful and full of gravitas that it makes people openly weep. We understand the urge to do movies that are, how you say? Not exactly a bucket of laughs. But we find that ironic, considering people come from far and wide to replicate your bone structure to enhance their smiles. Chin up, Rachel. Give us a comedy. And a smile.

Johnny- Sexiest Man Alive! Again!

People Magazine has just named Johnny Depp, aka 2009’s Hottest Cheeks, Sexiest Man Alive. Johnny replaces other HHL favorite Hugh Jackman, who took the title last year. Congratulations, Johnny! (Pirates of the Caribbean joke on the horizon…) We arrgh so proud you! It’s no surprise to us- despite his chameleon-like transformation from movie to movie, his mystery and allure has remained constant over the years. If you’re looking for defined cheeks to enhance your smile or add facial “deppth” (heh) and dimension, ask us about cheek implants, or Malarplasty. We would love to ask Johnny about it ourselves, but he’s probably too busy being the Sexiest Man Alive. The cheek of him.