Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Globes' Hottest are Hollywood's, Too!

Hollywood Hotties Sandra Bullock and Robert Downey Jr. each took home a Golden Globe award! Sandy, 2010’s Best Cheeks, was named Best Actress for her work in the drama, “The Blind Side”. Robert Downey, Jr., 2010’s Best Nose, took the award home for Best Actor in a Comedy for Sherlock Holmes. Congratulations you two! We realize our blog might not be quite as awesome as a megajumbo golden statue, but we would like to say one thing. Hey Golden Globes committee? They were on our list first. That means we win. Any old how, not to brag, but if there was a Golden Globe award for plastic surgeons, we would be up on that stage with the cast of Glee, stepping on Chloe Sevigny’s dress, and taking part in all the other hilarity that ensued. As cheek and nose procedures both contribute to enhancing the overall appearance of your billboard to the world, aka your face, it’s important to go to the best. The best can be reached at:
(310) 278-8823, or

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