Monday, March 8, 2010

Carey Mulligan VS Anna Wintour

That sounds like the most epically awesome Celebrity Death Match that never was. On the left, we have Vogue’s Editor-In-Chief and full time fright fest Anna Wintour, say the following, “Prithee, Carey dahhling. Make haste to the nearest shop and choose a short dress for the Oscars. La Wintour demands it. Go on, fly fly fly.” On the right, we have 2010’s Best Skin holler back, “No way lady! I’ve been dreaming of this night my whole life and I am wearing a long dress!” It’s. On. One thing we do know is, barring any catfights and Vogue-perfect talons to the face, Carey has gorgeous skin which will only be accentuated on Oscar night. Come in and ask Marilyn, our aesthetician about skin treatments that will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. And ladies- we want a good clean fight on Oscar night.

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