Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Les is More

Tom Cruise astounded at the MTV Movie Awards, as he reprised his Tropic Thunder role as Les Grossman- the vulgar, not-so-gorgeous talent executive who, wait for it, can DANCE! Helping him shake his muti-million dollar maker was fellow HHL-winner (and squillionaire) Jennifer Lopez. Normally, we would say they made a beautiful couple but noses are our specialty, and we really don’t want ours to grow. Anyhoodle, we’re glad that the world is starting to like Tom Cruise again. We’ve always thought he was bee-yotiful, and our patients have, too. Voted Best Skin for 2009, Tom’s even and moisturized tone is perfect for the masculine, yet groomed fella. Gentlemen, cruise on down and see our aesthetician Marilyn to see how you can get the ultimate Tom-worthy glow.

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