Friday, September 24, 2010

Franco's Gruesome New Role

Actor James Franco plays the leading role in the new film “127 hours.” Based on the true story of real-life adventurer Aron Ralston, this film depicts Ralston’s five-day struggle for survival during a Utah hike gone wrong. Attendees of the Toronto International Film Festival reported that this is not a movie for filmgoers with a weak stomach due to its gory detail. Although Franco’s new role might be gruesome, women will still flock to see him just to gaze at those dreamy, seductive and sexy eyes that won him prized place in our 2009 Hollywood’s Hottest Looks survey. So guys out there, take note. It’s not the gory struggle that’s going to help you win the ladies. It’s the beautiful, sexy eyes. Drs. Fleming and Mayer are known as Hollywood’s “Eye Guys”. If your peepers are looking a little tired, drop by to see us to determine if blepharoplasty, or a forehead lift, is going to give you leading man looks!

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