Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jennifer Aniston, Baby.

At first we considered that a working title, and then we started to like it.
Anyoldhow, our friends at Hollywood Life report that Jennifer Aniston is ready to have a baby. That pregnancy might make the women of America take a collective sigh of relief, not having to compete with that hot bod for 9 months. But who are we kidding- she’ll probably be one of those women who gets pregnant and gains one pound, a la Gisele Bundchen. For all you mortal women who are having babies, had babies, or are just eager to get a body that rivals Jennifer Aniston, our body contouring procedures are a good way to go.

Tony Awards Report Card

Instead of boring you to death about all the goings on at this year’s Tony Awards, we are going to give you a 2010 Tony Report Card, as it relates to our HHL winners.
• Catherine Zeta-Jones- Wins for A Little Night Music. A+
• Lea Michele Sings Don’t Rain on My Parade- Lea, forgive. We must rain on your parade. If we could pull off Randy Jackson-isms, our criticism would be, “you were pitchy, dawg. Pitchy.” Since we can’t, we had to suffice with a Simon Cowell eye roll. Sorry girl. Props for looking so pretty, though. C-
• Scarlett Johansson wins her first Tony and looks hiz-ott. Not much more to add, except her lips have always been in-demand here at BHI. Fillers and even implants, like SurgiSil, can give you a Scarlett-worthy pucker. A+

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lea Ends on a High Note

We would just like to interrupt our regularly scheduled HHL blog to proclaim how much we loved the Glee finale, and Best Supporting Actor, Lea Michele’s Hair. Oh, we love it. We wish we could bottle it up and sell it for cash in a back alley. To steal another Glee quote, her locks “make the angels cry.” We’re not the only ones who lurrve it, either- she swept the 2010 Best Hair category. The good news is, angels, there are ways to achieve the shiny, frizz-free glory that is Lea Michele’s Mane. While we may not be able to give you a Rachel Berry-perfect style, our hairline lowering procedure will balance out your facial proportions and will deliver perfect results for each patient. Definitely gold star worthy.

Les is More

Tom Cruise astounded at the MTV Movie Awards, as he reprised his Tropic Thunder role as Les Grossman- the vulgar, not-so-gorgeous talent executive who, wait for it, can DANCE! Helping him shake his muti-million dollar maker was fellow HHL-winner (and squillionaire) Jennifer Lopez. Normally, we would say they made a beautiful couple but noses are our specialty, and we really don’t want ours to grow. Anyhoodle, we’re glad that the world is starting to like Tom Cruise again. We’ve always thought he was bee-yotiful, and our patients have, too. Voted Best Skin for 2009, Tom’s even and moisturized tone is perfect for the masculine, yet groomed fella. Gentlemen, cruise on down and see our aesthetician Marilyn to see how you can get the ultimate Tom-worthy glow.

Jessica Biel Covers Glamour

Jessica Biel scorches the pages of Glamour this month with her HHL-winning bod, where she talks romance, adrenaline, and her A Team guns. Here at BHI, where Jessica’s body topped 2009’s Best Body category, we admire her “go get ‘em” attitude, because that’s what gets you to the top. Not to brag, but we would know. We’re known world over for our innovative procedures, as well as natural and beautiful results. If you’re lusting over Jessica’s A plus body, you might consider liposuction. Combined with proper diet and exercise, it’s the ultimate way to permanently eliminate fat from your “jiggly bits”.