Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nicole Kidman: High Class, Low Brow

"Low browed" isn’t normally what people think of when they think of Nicole Kidman but we have to say it. Yes, Nicole is the epitome of refinement and taste but she has what is called ptosis, meaning literally having eyebrows that are very low. As we all know, age lowers the brow, in turn aging us even more... bad news for Nicole. Added to low brows, Nicole also has a high hair line.

A mistake in correcting her low brow would be an endoscopic forehead lift, which would only make the problem worse by raising her hairline even more. Thanks again to our commitment to finding the best procedures for every person’s individual face, we developed a technique that allows the hair to grow through and in front of the hairline incision, so the hairline incision is completely undetectable diminishing her low brow state at the same time.

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