Monday, September 24, 2007

A Queen is a Queen, is a Queen!

Even though Cate Blanchett is at the top of our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks list, we don‘t know that Elizabeth I would have made it. With Elizabeth: The Golden Age coming to the big screen, it brings to mind something we have been saying for years. Elizabeth I had a huge forehead!

It’s been said that if she didn’t like a particular picture she would have destroyed it, “Her Majesty commands all manner of persons to stop doing portraits of her until a clever painter has finished one which all other painters can copy.” Smart Lady, too bad nowadays people don’t have that option. We recommend patients get the Fleming/Mayer Hairline Lowering Procedure. Some unlucky women have a congenitally high hairline, giving them a masculine look resulting in a balding appearance. For those patients, the Fleming/Mayer Hairline Lowering Procedure has been developed to lower the hairline and to bring the proportions of the face and hairline into balance.



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