Thursday, November 29, 2007

Great Livin!

Dolly Parton’s new carnival-themed video for her latest single Better Get To Living, came out this week and we couldn’t help but think how great she looks now. Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter and savvy business woman, but on top of everything else she proves that 60 is the new 40. Dolly has stated in the past that she is not ashamed of having plastic surgery because she wants to look her best for her fans and believes anyone who wants to have it done, has the money to pay for it, thinks it will improve their self-esteem and visits a licensed and qualified doctor for the procedure should go ahead and do it!

"I’ve had lots of work done. I’ll have some more done when I need it. I always said, 'If I see something sagging, bagging and dragging, I’m going to nip it, tuck it, and suck it.' Whatever needs to be done.”

Dolly, we love your outlook and zest for life. Your song is the perfect anthem to live your life to the fullest!


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