Monday, November 12, 2007

Surgery in the Womb?

Lately, it seems like we are running into some of the most outlandish plastic surgery stories. Last week it was Vulcan ears and now prenatal cosmetic surgery! Immediately, we knew this story was a fake when the mother said:

"I don't want my own child to have to wait thirty years like I did. We've seen sonogram pictures that show she's likely to have a sizeable schnoz, too. Why should she suffer from it when the science and technology now exists to make kids still more perfect little human beings, ready to take on the world the moment they emerge, and not predisposed to all the insecurities that result from something like that. If it makes just one kid more confident, it'll all be worthwhile."

Turns out that, where we found this article, is about left coast humor and all that is absurd in California, haha we get it! In Beverly Hills some people can be sooo superficial that they may even do plastic surgery in the womb. We agree that if rhinoplasty improves self confidence, then it is completely worth it. But even if the science and technology was possible, we don’t know anyone that would perform this surgery.



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