Thursday, January 24, 2008

It’s DEEP Man!

It’s Thursday and, of course, we opened to our favorite section of the New York Times…SKIN DEEP. Natasha Singer, who we have been interviewed by, writes about a new book called “How Not to Look Old.” According to the author Charla Krupp, it is vital for women to use “age-management” techniques for job security. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your appearance for self-confidence, which, as we all know, leads to great job performance! Nothing proves it more than when the president of the Center for the Advancement of Women, a nonprofit in Manhattan, proudly speaks about her techniques for a fresher appearance. She told Natasha about having an eyelift as well as a lower face lift, not because she was fearful of losing her job but for herself. At BHI, we love it when strong women share their beauty secrets!

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