Monday, January 14, 2008

Rejuvenated Accessories!

We just saw this on one of our favorite celebrity websites that a $3000.00 python purse developed by a dermatologist is supposedly made with Botox to look softer and plumper. Allegedly these bags are toted by one of our past Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Jennifer Lopez and Alex Curran, an English model and a footballer's wife. A $3000.00 purse is nothing here in Beverly Hills, but we knew straight away that this information was false. Botox does smooth out the forehead lines but, it does not plump anything up! Upon further investigation, we found out that this bag is actually injected with silicone but it really is designed by a Dermatologist. Everyone knows that at BHI we give Hollywood’s Hottest Looks to many but don’t be misled by Hollywood’s Hottest Accessories!

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