Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to a Beauty Wiz!

Vanessa L. Williams turns 45 today and as we have said before, we love her! Remember when she said Botox was, “A miracle drug, no cutting, no nothing –and I love it.”

Well now in a recent interview with Radar Online she told them:

The weirdest thing I ever heard," Williams told us, in a lowered tone, "was to take your morning urine and to put it on your acne."

This is one beauty secret we are going to decide against. Instead come over to BHI, where we will be happy to treat your acne with our proven treatments Electro-Iontophoresis, Herbal Green Peel, Macrodermabrasion or Micropeel Plus, not crazy myths like poor Vanessa had to endure. Happy Birthday Vanessa!

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