Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is Going On with the Ladies!

As everyone knows, at BHI we are very busy with our patients and media interviews but as we were perusing the internet last night we came across some interesting pictures of Priscilla Presley. It reminded me, Dr. Mayer, of the interview I did last week with STAR Magazine on Meg Ryan. These women are American icons whose rejuvenation treatments that anything but subtle and in Priscilla’s case, possibly dangerous!

Her doctor was caught using industrial, low-grade silicone - the substance used to lubricate car parts! At BHI, we are all about having the most advanced treatments available but we would never even think about going to Jiffy Lube to treat our patients. Everyone be wary of the latest and greatest "cosmetic" treatments and make sure to get qualified surgeons like us at BHI to administer them.

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