Monday, May 5, 2008

Hollywood’s Hottest Looks Marriage on the Brain!

It’s definitely wedding season for our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks! First, Hollywood’s Hottest Looks for hair, Patrick Dempsey premiered in MADE OF HONOR and it was the #2 movie of the weekend. Of course! If one our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks is in a movie, it will definitely be on top! MADE OF HONOR is about a serial womanizer who realizes the error of his ways when his best friend and true love is about to get married. Sounds like the dream come true for some of the girls here at BHI.

Then on Friday, Hollywood’s Hottest Looks for Skin also, Ashton Kutcher stars in WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS with Cameron Diaz which is about a shotgun marriage. Expect it in the top next Monday too!


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