Friday, May 2, 2008

Most Beautiful Hottest Looks!

Kate Hudson was voted by People Magazine as one of the Most Beautiful People but BHI beat them to the punch. She was voted as one of our Hollywood’s Hottest Looks for Skin by our patients last year. No wonder she feels comfortable not wearing make up. What we love the most about this issue is the Hall of Fame section with celebs that are either on our current Hollywood’s Hottest Looks or have in the past been on the list. Check them out below!

HALL OF FAME: These all-stars have made People's Most Beautiful list so many times, they needed their very own list:
Halle Berry Age: 41, Appearances: 12
Nicole Kidman Age: 40, Appearances: 9
Jennifer Lopez Age: 38, Appearances: 8
George Clooney Age: 47, Appearances: 8
Brad Pitt Age: 44, Appearances: 8
Angelina Jolie Age: 32, Appearances: 6
Matthew McConaughey Age: 38, Appearances: 5
Johnny Depp Age: 44, Appearances: 5
Jessica Simpson Age: 27, Appearances: 5
Alicia Keys Age: 28, Appearances: 5
Beyonce Age: 26, Appearances: 5

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