Friday, July 24, 2009

Third Album for Carrie Underwood!

Third Album for Carrie Underwood! Hollywood's Hottest jawline/chin, and former American Idol winner of season four, is coming out with her third album! The new album will be a follow-up to her second album which was released in 2007. Although the name of the album hasn't been decided on yet, it will be released on 19 Recording/Arista Nashville, a record company. The album is due on November 3rd of this year. We know it will be another hit for the young beauty! Facial structure lends itself to society’s perception of beauty in many ways. For those that feel their chin looks too weak, the doctors at BHI can easily place a small chin implant under the tissue to add more definition. This procedure is performed through a tiny incision placed immediately under the chin so it is completely imperceptible and the appearance is completely natural.

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