Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jennifer Aniston can Sing!

Not only does Jennifer Aniston have one of Hollywood’s Hottest Bodies for 2009, but her vocal chords aren’t too shabby, either! Jennifer will star and sing in the upcoming 2010 film, “The Goree Girls,” based on the true story of The Goree Girls All String Band. Jennifer plays a 1940s woman imprisoned in Texas, who, along with several other inmates, puts together a band in the hopes that they will one day become popular enough with the public to be released from jail. Soggy-Bottom Boys, eat your hearts out! We haven’t heard Jennifer’s singing chops quite yet, but one thing we do know is confidence is a key ingredient when trying something new. If you’re looking to make a physical change to boost your confidence, if it’s cosmetic surgery, we’re here to help.

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