Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jessica Simpson comes out with a New Fragrance!

We all know Jessica Simpson has just split with her love Tony Romo, but it looks like she's already found a new one! "Fancy Love" is the new fragrance of 2007 and 2008's Hottest Hair, and 2006's Hottest Body… But we’ll just call her Jess for short. The new floral smelling perfume was inspired by the timeless fragrance of falling in love. Aw. We have a feeling everyone will fall in love with "Fancy Love"! Although we haven’t smelled the fragrance quite yet, we’ve always been head over heels for Jessica’s flowing mane and voluptuous curves. It’s not just women requesting thick, voluminous hair. Hair replacement surgery for men is one of the most popular procedures we perform here at BHI. Ask us today about the Fleming Mayer Flap, and other hair replacement options.

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