Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kate Hudson – UK Elle

Kate Hudson, 2008’s Best Skin, graces the cover of UK Elle where she talks about booze, boys and (gasp) Botox! Not only Botox, but the benefits of Botox! People, this is big. In the wild wild west of celebrity, it’s the sheriff making peace with the local ruffians. It’s the bar wench marrying the town pastor. Translation? It’s rare. Let’s take a moment to enjoy. The blond bombshell says (and we’re paraphrasing here, all you legal types out there) that Botox is the perfect way for women to take care of fine lines and wrinkles without going under the knife. And she’s right! It’s also a great way to get youthful, firm and glowing skin, just like Kate’s. We at BHI are proud to say that this HHL has been brought to you by Kate Hudson and Botox, the fastest shot in the west.

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