Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Megan Fox- NY Times Magazine

She’s battled robots from the future and blood lust for high school boys. Now Megan Fox is battling…personas? So proclaims the cover of New York Times Magazine, which announces that people (women, in particular) just don’t want to pay to see Megan Fox in the movies. Consequently, The Fox’s persona is going to be getting a makeover from vamp to girl next door, apparently a more popcorn-ticket-friendly image. Megan hypothesizes women don’t care for her because “the instinct among girls is to go for the jugular.” Ouch, Megan. Ouch. If that were true, would you have swept the female category for Best Eyes on our HHL survey? Our patients consistently request to get your intense and vivacious peepers. In fact, they’re all probably spending their “Megan Fox Movie Theater Money” on Blepharoplasties. Plus, jugulars are so unattractive.

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