Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh, glorious Emmy season. A time when we avid television watchers can celebrate the magic with our Technicolor pals, hem and haw over those who were snubbed, and ogle what the beautiful people wear to glamorous events. In Gleeful news, 2010’s Best Hair Lea Michele grabbed a nom for Best Actress in a Comedy. Other HHL alums Rose Byrne and January Jones also are nominated, meaning… It’s on. We just don’t know who to root for. Best Hair? Best Cheeks? Best Nose? We’re personally leaning more towards Rose Best Nose, because we just saw Get Him to the Greek and our sides are still aching with the naughty hilarity. Anyoldhow, despite the “pie in the sky” (yet charming) naivety of our HHL writers, glamour is our thing! We are the go-to surgeons in Hollywood for our natural and subtle results. Don’t even try to guess who our patients are, because you won’t. If you’re looking for cosmetic work so subtle your own mother won’t even notice, come and see us for a consultation. Good luck, Emmy ladies!

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