Thursday, July 29, 2010

Real Housewife, Fake Nose

We nominate Ashley Holmes, of the NJ Housewife Clan, for a new reality TV show we have yet to produce, "Hollywood's Hottest Looks". As indicated by her Facebook photo above, she has had a rhinoplasty. As we are world renowned facial plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasties, we believe this is a good opportunity to discuss "Rhinoplasty Rationale". First, people can elect to have this procedure for a couple different reasons. Besides the obvious cosmetic reasons, oftentimes rhinoplasties are used to repair a deviated septum, which can cause irregular breathing and disrupt sleep. Breathing problems and other physical ailments can be fixed without changing the exterior of the nose at all, however, many people choose to balance their facial proportions and enhance their natural look by reshaping the exterior of the nose. Thus concludes our unnamed reality television installment of Hollywood’s Hottest Looks. If we can answer any additional questions for you, please contact our office at (310) 278-8823, or email us at:

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