Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Yahoo said that this image of actress Halle Berry attending the premiere of Things We Lost In The Fire in London on Wednesday Oct. 24, 2007, is one of the most viewed and emailed pictures of the day. One website even called her “cleavage-tastic” in her blue dress. We cannot disagree with that but we also know that Halle is naturally cleavage inclined and is even more so due to her pregnancy. Congratulations on the baby, Halle!

Unfortunately, not all women are able to achieve “cleavage-tastic” on their own. Some women have bony and irregular depressions between the breasts in the cleavage area. This is due to either being too thin, or being more pronounced after breast augmentation. At BHI, we developed a procedure called Cleavoplasty to correct the depression. Using a patient’s own body fat, Cleavoplasty plumps up the cleavage area, creating a full, smooth, rounded contour. Now all women can have the cleavage they want!

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