Tuesday, October 9, 2007

America's Next Non-Smoker?

So this season, Tyra Banks has declared that America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) will be a smoke-free season. Seems to us at BHI that Tyra is going for do-gooder status this season, first ANTM goes GREEN (no more Hummer Limos driving the girls around) and now smoke free. For the first shoot, it was a composite image of each of the ANTM hopefuls made up to look glamorous as she sits smoking in front of a mirror. Then, special effects makeup will show what smoking does to the face. About time the modeling industry stops glamorizing smoking!

Yes, yes, smoking is bad for the body but we all know that what really matters is the face. Kidding aside, at the BHI we let our patients know that smoking causes premature wrinkling around the eyes and the mouth, increased facial capillaries and a pale, grayish tint to the skin. After five years of smoking, 25 year old models who smoke look much older! No wonder they have to start so young. In order to correct the premature aging from smoking, they will need regular regimens of Botox, Fillers, and Chemical Peels with a possible face lift depending on how long they have been smoking. So let that be a lesson to models, model hopefuls, and everyone else that smokes, smoking is not sexy nor is it worth your looks! Can't wait Wednesday for the next episode.

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