Monday, October 5, 2009

Cameron Diaz Goes Green

Speaking of celebs going green and fighting the good fight, Cameron Diaz, 2009’s Hottest Cheeks, has begun filming scenes alongside Seth Rogen in the superhero flick, “The Green Hornet”. We sure do hope there’s no truth to those nasty rumors that upsettingly report the two are bickering on set, because we can’t think of two more likeable celebrities on the face of the (green) planet! Cameron is playing Lenore “Casey” Case, a co-worker of Rogen’s character, charismatic Britt Reid. If you’re looking to enhance your charisma, take a cue from Cameron’s charming cheeks- cheek implants can improve facial contour and accentuate the eyes. We’re sure that if there is any truth to those rotten, no good, icky rumors, Cameron could stop any argument with one flash of her traffic-stopping smile. Perhaps we should take her overseas?

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