Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Katherine Hiegl

To: Katherine Hiegl
From: The Beverly Hills Institute
Re: The Big Mistake You’re Making/ We Care

Dear Ms. Hiegl,

You may not be aware, but we care very deeply about our HHL winners. When we are faced with news that is less than conducive to the overall well-being of these celebrities, sometimes we sit down and write out a thoughtful, caring note. (Please reference James Franco and the General Hospital Debacle of 2009.) We’ve heard that you are leaving Grey’s Anatomy. For good, this time. We recently posted about the rumors you were leaving the show, but were in a black cloud of denial and refused to believe that the universe would be so evil as to throw earthquakes at Haiti, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia and China, break up Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, and take Dr. Izzie Stevens out of Grey’s Anatomy. Cut us some slack. The end of the world isn’t supposed to be until 2012. Katherine, let’s look back at your film career. The Ugly Truth. 27 Dresses. We bring up these unpleasant memories because we care. Also, do us a solid and go back to blonde hair.

With love,

The Beverly Hills Institute

PS- Fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are great ways to plump up your lips, just like Katherine’s. Plump lips are ideal for kissing the ground in acts of contrition when you realize you’ve made a big honking mistake and must beg for forgiveness. Take note, Katherine. Take note.

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