Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wouldn’t it Be Lolavie?

Jennifer Aniston, 2009’s Best Body: “My new perfume is called ‘Lolavie.’”
BHI: “Gesundheit. Now, what’s the name of your perfume?”

Perfect ad campaign for Jennifer Aniston’s new perfume, no? No? Well, whatever. You can’t expect facial plastic surgeons to give up their day job. Anyoldhow, according to Ms. Aniston, her new scent is going to smell “sexy and clean.” (Which begs the question- did she consciously nix her other perfume scent, the one that smelled unsexy and dirty?)Speaking of sexy, Jennifer has one of the most coveted bodies on planet Earth. If you are looking to upgrade your look, perhaps consider procedures like liposuction and body contouring. We’re sure the sweet smell of confidence is right up there with Lolavie.

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