Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Sandra Bullock…

We recently read that Sandra Bullock, 2010’s Best Cheeks, has purchased a home in New Orleans so that her adopted son Louis can grow up in “his city”. Oh dear. We feel a little like the kids being left home alone with the bully next door. Sandra, if you read this blog (you probably do, because you’re just that kind of awesome), we have a message for you while theoretically hanging from your pant leg, whining. Don’t leave us! We need you! You’re classy, kind, beautiful, funny and talented- you’re like the entertainment industry’s equivalent of the bald eagle. But, you know, with pretty hair and face. Stay and pretty up the city with your lovely. Patients- if you’re feeling as aggrieved over this as we are, your face might start to look a wee haggard. If you want to try to replicate Sandra’s naturally dynamic facial structure, you might consider cheek implants to define and enhance your face’s contours.

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