Thursday, May 13, 2010

Matt Damon and Wife Expecting!

“People” Magazine reports that Matt Damon and his wife are going to be parents for the third time (and they already stole our “New-Bourne” joke, so don’t expect any clever puns here). Mr. Will Hunting, 2008’s Best Lips, is going to have to use those puckers for some new baby kisses. (Speaking of baby kisses, we must mention our fellow HHL-winner, Sandra Bullock’s newly adopted son, Louis. He is full of chubby, delicious baby goodness. We want to babysit. Call us, Sandra!) Anyhoodle, Matt’s lips are some of the most desired by men in Hollywood. Fellas, there are options for you, too! You might consider subtle fillers to plump up your pucker.

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