Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Megan Fox Covers Allure

Megan Fox covers the newest issue of Allure and talks about… oh, everything. She’s OCD. She’s more than a little upset that someone leaked photos of her topless. She likes the F word. A lot. And no, we’re not talking about her last name. Oh Megan Fox, it’s been so boring without you these days since the latest Transformers junket- where have you been? Last we heard, you were getting a “girl next door” makeover. How’s that going? Here in Beverly Hills, lots of girls are getting your makeover, and requesting peepers like The Fox. Blepharoplasties are a great way to permanently alleviate dark, baggy undereyes, oftentimes a side effect of stress and sleepless nights. Perhaps we should drop Michael Bay a friendly little suggestion…

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